Tips To Learn English

  8 AMAZING TIPS TO LEARN ENGLISH 1. Memorize at least 5 words a day (the most common): select five words of your preference, because they will be easier to remember. 2. Learn at least 5 common phrases in an everyday environment: the same use you will give to the Continue reading

Why Teenagers Are Out Of Control

  WHY TEENAGERS ARE OUT OF CONTROL Throughout human growth process that human beings must have there is a fundamental part in which itself interacts and experiences situations that usually are influenced by social environment where the making of decisions determine the horizon of either being accepted or Integrated in Continue reading

The Importance Of Russian Language

    THE IMPORTANCE OF RUSSIAN LANGUAGE Everybody knows that cultural influence, prevailing in our region comes from American impact and Anglophone regions, but not for this we must put aside the enormous legacy that the great Russian nation has left to mankind, as an example we can mention the Continue reading

Illegal Mining In Colombia

ILLEGAL MINING IN COLOMBIA Colombia is one of the five countries with the highest biodiversity on Earth, home to about ten percent of the world’s species. It is the world leader in bird species richness, ranks second in diversity of plants and amphibians, and the third in variety of reptile Continue reading


  TAYRONA’S NATIONAL NATURAL PARK RURAL TOURISM IN COLOMBIA   Colombia is divided by Departments/States. “Magdalena’s Department is located in the Atlantic Coast. 34 km. from the city of Santa Marta (Capital City) we find Tayrona’s National Park, a Sanctuary of nature and archaeological remains that invites you to the Continue reading

Study English in EEUU

Have you ever taken a vacation while you are studying English? Because an Institute or University is not enough to learn a language, Tennessee, in the United States, offers you a great chance to learn and live such an unbelievable experience, learning something about its culture, history, costumes and social Continue reading

Korean Gastronomy

Korean Gastronomy, A Balance To Your Life    Korean food has traditionally been as a link between nature and the human body; since both come from the same origin, it comes from the earth and returns to earth. For this reason, Korean food since its inception seeks to maintain a natural Continue reading

Colombian Spanglish

COLOMBIAN SPANGLISH   Languages are alive… not biologically though, but their birth and evolution are totally safe from any attempt of conscious control, this is because languages are abstract models that help us to describe the changing world we live in. During the last 2 decades, the previously mentioned evolution Continue reading

From The Aspersion To War

From The Aspersion To War “Without investment there is no new technology, with no technology, there isn’t any development and without development, there is NO DEFENSE”. The air tractor originated in United States in 1989 as an agricultural crop duster (AT-802A) and firefighters (AT-802AF), designed and built by the American Continue reading

Hangul, A New Challenge

HANGUL South Korea; Located on the Korean peninsula, washed on the west by the Yellow Sea and on the east by the eastern sea, bordering at North with North Korea and South separated from Japan by the Korea Strait, the official language is the Korean language (Hangul), which is considered Continue reading

San Gil, a must-visit site

  San Gil, Santander (Colombia)  a must-visit site   by: Albeiro Fuquen Due to the economic development generated by the rise of extreme sports or adventure, the various tourist activities and the amount domestic and foreign visitors it receives, It is recognized as “Epicenter Tourist” and “Tourist Capital of Santander” because here Continue reading

The Arabic Language Learning

THE ARABIC LANGUAGE LEARNING AS A DOOR TO THE UNDERSTANDING OF REALITIES AND THREATS FROM WESTERNNESS   “Rowing harder doesn’t help if the boat is headed in the wrong direction.” Kenichi Ohmae  Written by: Arabic CEIDI group Trends in Safety, has multiple fronts attention and action that strengthens the comprehensive Continue reading

Ten Secrets of Iphone

Ten secrets of Iphone   Iphone is a line of smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. It runs Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. The first generation iPhone was released on June 29, 2007; the most recent iPhones, the seventh-generation iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S, were introduced on September 10, 2013. Continue reading


  DynEd Methodology DynEd was founded in 1987 by the former director of the Language Institute of Japan (LIOJ), Lance Knowles, and a team of engineers. DynEd created the world’s first interactive multimedia language learning CD-ROM in 1988 and received a U.S. patent for this invention in 1991. The learning Continue reading

The National Direction of Academies

The National Direction of Academies is on the Threshold of Becoming a University The DINAE consolidates its quality standards to give an important jump to transform and innovate the police education The National Direction of Academies (DINAE) as a University Institution makes constant efforts to improve the quality of police Continue reading

What is Chikungunya Virus?

  WHAT IS CHIKUNGUNYA VIRUS? What Chikungunya (in the Makonde language “that which bends up”) virus (CHIKV) is an insect-borne virus, of the genus ”Alphavirus”, that is transmitted to humans by virus-carrying ”Aedes” mosquitoes. There have been recent outbreaks of CHIKV associated with severe illness. CHIKV causes an illness with Continue reading

Introduction English for Police

English for Police

Introduction English for Police English for Police is a web page tool to study English as a Second Language focused on police forces. This place is designed by police officers with the only purpose to help those people who are learning ESL and who are really interested on technical police Continue reading

What is English for Police ?

  What is English for Police ? We  identified the need for a technological and consultation tool, which would improve our skills, opening the invisible boundaries of knowledge and discovering new trends in the today´s world. That is why the website responds to that concern in Colombian National Police members Continue reading