A New Tool for the Police Service

A New Tool for the Police Service

A New Tool for the Police Service

For the first time in history the national police trained over 250 members of the institution in the matery of a foreign language


Bogota. In accordance with guidelines of the institutional policy that develops the plan of bilingualism in the Colombian National Police, and taking into account the academic events that project an excellent police service, Police officers with the necessary skills; the National Direction of Academies represented in the language Center, recognizes the being as the core of the institution, articulating strategies that allow the programs development at the level and expectations of our constitutional mandate.

Pursuant to the above, Police officers from different units around the country were trained in the English language through the DynEd and B-Learning methodologies; which have innovative learning tools, serving precepts of modern and/or autonomous learning with clear and effective technological means.

Similarly, realizing the importance of having qualified language instructors, able to cater different commitments dealing with education that the academic offer represents; teachers responsible for the harmonious progress in learning a second language, understanding that we require a system which aims for the satisfaction of our students and contribute significantly to institutional perspectives.

In this way, more than 250 members of the national police, in different ranks and units within the institution, were trained through a functional and innovative methodology which allows that the Colombian national police has an improvement tool for the police service, with a bridge that closes the gap between the community and its police force.


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  1. para el policia en servicio es una herramienta primordial el dominio de uno o varios idiomas, para que se pueda enfrentar a infinidad de situaciones que se presentan en la labor policial, mas aun que el 70% de los municipios del pais buscan basar su economia en el turismo.

  2. The National Colombian Police is the only one in the world who cares for the police officers learn another language for be capable to interact with foreign in our country.

    The institution has been pioneer in create different ways for learning english is for this reason that has been searching tools to improve the level.

    We can see this clearly, because even the National Colombia Police has been taken as a example for other military forces.

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