Another Way to See the Police

Another Way to See the Police

 Another Way to See the Police


Do you really know what do police officers do?


How many times have you ever wondered who they are ?who are  these men and women that day after days walk our fields and cities?

Who are those who expose their lives daily to give the peace of mind that you need? Why did they decide to choose this profession?

Why the job of a policeman is nomadic?

All the people in the world and especially in our country have different concepts about been a policemen “the tombo , the tittle-tattle, avocado,(another words for cops in Spanish) or more of the common person, who drives a vehicle around circles in a given sector.

For many others it is the friend you have where ever you are, you will see a policeman, in the field in the streets in your neighborhood, near your school, still unaware of the different facets in their perform.

Another Way to See the Police 2


Today the national police has more than 18 specialties (Mounted Police, Dog handlers, Anti kidnapping, childhood and adulthood groups, surveillance Police etc.) in which they have been professionalized to provide better service to the community.

Likewise we should mention that it is one of the most trained and skilled in the fight against terrorism. It is good and gratifying to know that the Colombian national police is training police officers from other parts of the world as they see in our institution staff well trained and prepared to take up the challenges that each day is presented to the combat crime, that is the reason our institution has also had to be transformed because of the different forms of crime ranging from simple to combat major criminal organizations operating within and outside the country.


Remember that a policeman is a human being who has problems just like you and still gets up every day to try to help solve your problems leaving one’s own side.


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  1. Muy interesante conocer la otra faseta de nuestros policias, ahora mas que nunca debemos respetarlos y valorarlos. Ellos al igual que nosotros son personas con iguales sentimientos, y con un gran proposito, velar por nuestra tranquilidad.

  2. todos los niñosse sintieron contentos de ver al policia animando con los colores yel show canino muy bonito por los policias que participaron en el evento parque las cigarras bucaramanga

  3. We should be so proud to the men and women that every day expose their lives so we can have a safer community. God bless them for all they do and can’t say enough times how valuable they are! We’ve come such a long way of what we thought they need to what they really do.

  4. Thank you for all you do to protect and serve!

  5. I share your thoughts and I would like to add that, in my opinion, it is one of the most difficult jobs in the world.

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