Tips To Learn English

  8 AMAZING TIPS TO LEARN ENGLISH 1. Memorize at least 5 words a day (the most common): select five words of your preference, because they will be easier to remember. 2. Learn at least 5 common phrases in an everyday environment: the same use you will give to the Continue reading

Why Teenagers Are Out Of Control

  WHY TEENAGERS ARE OUT OF CONTROL Throughout human growth process that human beings must have there is a fundamental part in which itself interacts and experiences situations that usually are influenced by social environment where the making of decisions determine the horizon of either being accepted or Integrated in Continue reading

The Importance Of Russian Language

    THE IMPORTANCE OF RUSSIAN LANGUAGE Everybody knows that cultural influence, prevailing in our region comes from American impact and Anglophone regions, but not for this we must put aside the enormous legacy that the great Russian nation has left to mankind, as an example we can mention the Continue reading

Illegal Mining In Colombia

ILLEGAL MINING IN COLOMBIA Colombia is one of the five countries with the highest biodiversity on Earth, home to about ten percent of the world’s species. It is the world leader in bird species richness, ranks second in diversity of plants and amphibians, and the third in variety of reptile Continue reading


  TAYRONA’S NATIONAL NATURAL PARK RURAL TOURISM IN COLOMBIA   Colombia is divided by Departments/States. “Magdalena’s Department is located in the Atlantic Coast. 34 km. from the city of Santa Marta (Capital City) we find Tayrona’s National Park, a Sanctuary of nature and archaeological remains that invites you to the Continue reading

Study English in EEUU

Have you ever taken a vacation while you are studying English? Because an Institute or University is not enough to learn a language, Tennessee, in the United States, offers you a great chance to learn and live such an unbelievable experience, learning something about its culture, history, costumes and social Continue reading