Korean Gastronomy

Korean Gastronomy, A Balance To Your Life    Korean food has traditionally been as a link between nature and the human body; since both come from the same origin, it comes from the earth and returns to earth. For this reason, Korean food since its inception seeks to maintain a natural Continue reading

Colombian Spanglish

COLOMBIAN SPANGLISH   Languages are alive… not biologically though, but their birth and evolution are totally safe from any attempt of conscious control, this is because languages are abstract models that help us to describe the changing world we live in. During the last 2 decades, the previously mentioned evolution Continue reading

From The Aspersion To War

From The Aspersion To War “Without investment there is no new technology, with no technology, there isn’t any development and without development, there is NO DEFENSE”. The air tractor originated in United States in 1989 as an agricultural crop duster (AT-802A) and firefighters (AT-802AF), designed and built by the American Continue reading

Hangul, A New Challenge

HANGUL South Korea; Located on the Korean peninsula, washed on the west by the Yellow Sea and on the east by the eastern sea, bordering at North with North Korea and South separated from Japan by the Korea Strait, the official language is the Korean language (Hangul), which is considered Continue reading