Discover the Top 5 ways to improve ENGLISH FLUENCY

Discover the Top 5 ways to improve ENGLISH FLUENCY

Discover the Top 5 ways to improve


Everybody is mindful that fluency is important when speaking, however there is one thing I can tell you as well, and it is: “SPEAKING FAST IS NOT SPEAKING WELL”. In English as a second language or any other Language we may not think about it often, but Fluent students create sentences with the correct stress and intonation as well as give to dialogues the proper moments. These students do not hesitate in what they are saying or wait for extensive periods previously jumping into a dialogue; here are five ways you can use to enhance fluency:

  1. Read aloud: When reading, or watching a movie, singing, you should do it loudly, it means you are going to speak for the time you read. E.g. if you read a book or a part of a book for one hour, you were speaking one hour, and so on.


  1. Talk alone: I know it sounds kind of crazy, right? Well this is a good way to improve fluency, because you are not thinking about what people say, about mistakes or something else.


  1. Tongue twisters: Tongue twisters are really helpful, it makes you try something that people usually don`t try with a great effort in saying words, sometimes easy and sometimes difficult, you just start from the simple and so forth.


  1. Don`t be shy: trust your knowledge, if everybody is able to learn five, six or more languages, even some of them at the same time, why can´t you? Mark these words; mark them well, “the more you practice, the more you learn”.


  1. Just do it! : Start applying them now, let me ask you something: How did you learn how to walk, by walking, right? How to swim? By swimming, correct? And Speaking English, by….. You have the answer, now is the time don´t think or wait too much.
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5 comentarios

  1. Excellent advices, you will succeed following these tips

  2. Music is one of the best ways to improve the pronunciation because who doesn’t like Music?, sometimes we can sing terrible but it doesn’t matter, we can learn new vocabulary and also some accents.

    Seeing movies is another good exercise, and you start to increase your listening and also recognice the words clearly.

  3. you should try seeing a show of comedy, like those on warner channel.

    Sonds silly but watching “friends” teachs you english lol

  4. study english for age advanced for example i’m that begining study in this moments that come back the pólice instituttion,most very dificult.

  5. Me parece muy interesante los temas tratados en esta herramienta, creo muy significantes los temas tratados, muchas gracias.

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