DynEd Methodology

DynEd was founded in 1987 by the former director of the Language Institute of Japan (LIOJ), Lance Knowles, and a team of engineers. DynEd created the world’s first interactive multimedia language learning CD-ROM in 1988 and received a U.S. patent for this invention in 1991.

The learning theory behind the design of its core courses, Recursive Hierarchical Recognition (RHR) [Knowles], is based on the latest research in the neurosciences and provides a clear alternative to traditional approaches that have failed so many learners.

DynEd has also developed an award-winning administrative software system that monitors and assesses student progress in great detail. DynEd’s Intelligent Tutor provides study-path management and quality scoring for all students, and serves to improve the implementation of DynEd programs in a wide range of circumstances.

In recognition of its quality, DynEd products have received numerous awards and been approved by Ministries of Education in several countries, including China, France, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, and Turkey. DynEd’s BEAS course series is the only ELT program that has received ASTD Certification.

However, the most important testament to DynEd’s quality has been the test of time, during which DynEd has benefited from many long-term users who have provided valuable feedback that has guided subsequent development.

Pedagogical Framework for DynEd

Fundamentally, DynEd courses are based on research-based approaches to language learning and curriculum design, extensive classroom experience, and advanced human interface design. Evidence for the effectiveness of its courses is based on over twenty-five years of experience in programs from around the world and on recent findings in the neurosciences. In addition, DynEd has access to and actively utilizes the real-time study records of thousands of students from around the world.

What makes DynEd different is its unique approach to the design and use of technology in a blend with teacher-led classroom activities. However, wide variability in the implementation of this blended approach — particularly its dependence on different teachers using it in very different circumstances — makes definitive studies difficult. Small sample sizes and questionable test results mean that many formal studies are either misleading or unsubstantiated [Ioannidis]. As a result, a more action-research approach has been taken, with feedback from clients incorporated into courseware updates, Teacher Manuals, Mastery Tests, the Records Manager, and the Intelligent Tutor. Teacher-training seminars and focus groups have been another valuable source of constructive feedback


DynEd courseware is designed to help you acquire the target language in a natural but accelerated mode of learning. It represents a significant advance over traditional English language learning materials. As with any new set of tools, however, teachers and students alike need to develop techniques and strategies for using it most effectively.


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  1. The Dyned program helps you learn to pronounce English words correctly

  2. thank you for everything that you did for me i learned alot with you and this was a unic experience that i hope can do it again thx

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