Hangul, A New Challenge




South Korea; Located on the Korean peninsula, washed on the west by the Yellow Sea and on the east by the eastern sea, bordering at North with North Korea and South separated from Japan by the Korea Strait, the official language is the Korean language (Hangul), which is considered by many linguists as one of the most perfect phonetic systems based specifically on sounds and although it is different from Japanese, Chinese and Mandarin languages​​, many people tend to confuse it, due to its writing.

This language is spoken by more than  80 million people in Korea and other parts of Asia, however it has reached a top for the development and economic growth in South Korea, so there are now speakers of this language in most of the world, this is mainly due to the south Korean purposes to spread this language; who through the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, on July 24th, 2012, the Asia-iberoamerica Cultural Foundation was designated as the Sejong Institute in Bogota, in charge of the official teaching of the Korean language and culture in Colombia; school classes are guided by native teachers and focused on the linguistic and cultural Korean particularities.

Given the strong diplomatic relationships between the two nations of the Colombian National Police through the Language Center and the Sejong Institute in Bogota, come together to provide training for police personnel who wish to strengthen their knowledge and the mastering of a second language, specifically the Korean language, which undoubtedly will enable clarify the police career in a more professional manner, close to the Korean-speaking foreign population and expand their horizons both at the personal and family level as a professional.

The phenomenon of internationalization of crime is known Institutionally, therefore our institution is seen in many countries as an example to be followed to counter the criminal actions in its various forms, this must continue to evolve and overcome obstacles as the handling of rare languages that cross borders and neutralize criminal activities in order to maintain the necessary conditions for the defense of rights and liberties, however it is important to mention that nowadays there is a free trade agreement between South Korea and Colombia, which manages the third best economy in their continent and the number eleven in the world, it opens its doors with the confidence that we can generate development and well-being in both Nations, a reason that forces the institution to be prepared for the arrival of more South Korean citizens to our country, with the hospitality which characterizes us; It is important to make them feel that they are welcome and that we are prepared to face this challenge that without the language barrier will allow them to know more and better our country and likewise for us, to go,  meet, learn, interact and enjoy in all the splendor of South Korea, once overcome the language barrier, we will have many opportunities to interact with a different culture.



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  1. Oportunidades por montones

  2. Me gusta

  3. profesora liliana 유지은 선생님

    콜롬비아 국립 경찰 학생들 !
    언제나 열심히 공부하는 모습 정말 멋져요.
    남은 시간 동안 더 열심히 따라와주길 바라며, 세종학당과 좋은 추억 만들어봐요 ^^
    콜롬비아 국립 경찰 화이팅 !!!

  4. Excelente articulo, buena forma de aprender mas de otras culturas

  5. The coreano is a very Beautiful language and easy yo learn.

  6. Un tema muy interesante para consultar… que bueno que la policia nacional se prepare de esta manera..

  7. Los felicito por su articulo y su vocacion

  8. Me gusta …no sabia tantas cosas de corea..

  9. me gusta el idioma coreano gracias por la información

  10. interesante articulo

  11. Me gusta…..

  12. Quisiera saber que dice en el comentario de la profe ….jajjeje

  13. Que interesante la cultura coreana.

  14. Gracias por darnos a conocer de otras culturas y sus idiomas

  15. Es necesario conocer otros idiomas.

  16. Coreano gran oportunidad para aprender una lengua asiática

  17. Q chebre estudiar otro idioma

  18. 고맙습니다 선생니

  19. Ojala a mi me dieran la oportunidad de estudiar ese hermoso idioma

  20. 안녕……
    나는 한국어 곤부헤요, 괜찮아 .

  21. Prof. Younghee Shin

    me alegro mucho que ustedes haya entendido bien Corea y idioma!!
    앞으로도 같이 즐겁게 한국어를 공부해요!!

  22. Holaa..los felicito que aeticulo tan interesante….espero me puedan brindar mas informacion….

  23. Agradezco el profesinalismo y esfuerzo impartido por parte de las Profesoras YOUNGHEE SHIN y LILIANA en la ensenanza del idioma Coreano.ha sido un tiempo muy enriquecedor para el apredizaje de esta nueva lengua.

  24. Interesante articulo, antoja investigar mas acerca de la cultura coreana

  25. Que buena oportunidad le estan brindando a la policia para que conozca nuevas culturas y mas una como la coreana

  26. Que buena oportunidad que nos estan brindando por parte de nuestra institucion y el Instituto Sejong para conocer y aprender una cultura nueva tradiciones y su idioma

  27. El aprendizaje es la mejor oportunidad que nos pueden dar y hay que aprovechar al máximo!!

  28. Excelente cultura

  29. Que bueno que la institucion este capacitando al personal policial en nuevas culturas y les enseñén nuevos idiomas y mas aun como el coreano

  30. El idioma coreano nos facilitará de mejorar un estilo de vida y oportunidades

  31. Me parece q el coreano debe ser un idioma lindo de aprender

  32. Que buena lectura

  33. El artículo es muy interesante y importante ya que el idiomas es necesario para nuestro pais

  34. Q hermoso los q estudian coreano

  35. Te felicito mi hermano por estudiar ese idioma

  36. Hermoso lenguaje

  37. Quisiera sabes mas del tema

  38. Me gusta..

  39. Que interesante del doy 5 estrellas

  40. Felicidades para todos los que estudian ese idioma

  41. Uno de los mejores idiomas del mundo

  42. Como me gusta ese idioma

  43. We can the oportunity to learn that language

  44. Me gusta

  45. 저는 좋아해요!

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