How To Make It Bigger




By Julian Parra

Do you feel yours is not big enough??? Well, some of us have it big since we were born. Some others, like me, do not. Even worse, when you realize yours is not as big, even not as good as others you can easily get depressed. I have talked to some friends and girlfriends and they have told me it doesn’t matter whether it is big or small, the point is to make it with love. Anyway after hundreds of years of research it seems that the solution has been found…..


Some people were born being leaders. But some others have to find the way how to develop their abilities. After thousands of investigations, experts have found that you can become a leader. But one of the most interesting ways of developing the leading ability is taking football as a “way of life”. What do I mean with that? Everyone who likes football for sure that has heard at least once in their lives about Jorge Valdano, one of the most famous coaches around the world and has been recognized as one of the most important leaders around the world. What makes him so good? First of all, being a part of the team. If you are a part of the team you can find mistakes and shortcomings. Second, try to find the way you could overcome this mistakes you’ve found inside your team. But finally, make people to understand that they are extremely important for the team. Try to teach them that without their effort, winning the game wouldn’t be possible. Even if any of them is the goalkeeper in your football team, without that player, every single shot would be a goal.

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