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Korean Gastronomy, A Balance To Your Life 


Korean food has traditionally been as a link between nature and the human body; since both come from the same origin, it comes from the earth and returns to earth. For this reason, Korean food since its inception seeks to maintain a natural flavor.

Korean gastronomy is significantly varied and tasty, like almost any of those from Asia.

One of its best-known dishes is the bulgogi (불고기), which means “fire meat”, by the way in which it is cooked; it is, moreover, an ancient recipe that was prepared for some dynasty monarchs.

Korean Gastronomy, A Balance to Your Life

BULGOGI (불고기)  This is a spicy and seasoned cooking with spices that have certain legacies of Chinese cuisine and Japanese cuisine.

The Bibimbap (비빔밥) is a popular dish in Korean gastronomy. It literally means “mixed rice” or “mixed meal”. The one which is rice with vegetables and meat on top.  At the time of eating the ingredients must be stirred and mixed with gochujang (red hot pepper paste). It is usually served with a fried egg.

Korean Gastronomy, A Balance to Your Life  2


Korean food is characterized by using 5 kinds of colors: red, yellow, black, green and white; to represent the flavors which are salty, sweet, spicy, bitter and acidic.  Korean food is very balanced and appropriate for the human body. Korean meals are neither fried nor sautéed, most dishes are cooked, seasoned, stewed, and steamed.  In Korea, many vegetables, fish and seafood are consumed; therefore, Korean foods have less fat and fewer calories.

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