Lord of Yourself


When you patrol the streets and you feel that it is your sacred mission to watch over them; when you care for the dreams of others, and believe in the postulate of your guardianship; when the echo of your steps in the night brings tranquility and trust, and when you represent peace on every street corner, under the serene control of your gaze; when the cold and the sun attack your body, but you do not move a muscle in your face; when fear penetrates your innermost self, and finds there an altar of Christian Faith, when you have the humility of the brave to order what costs you most to do, and men follow you on their own, even if you are going to your death; when you impose respect and discipline with your simple presence before anyone; when nobody ever judges your conduct, because you never give them a reason to do so, and the Code of Honour guides your acts, and provides you with the guidance for the course of your existence; when at each dawn you look up at the sky, thanking God you can say “present” when the list of the dead, day by day, mean for you that there are pending debts; and in the mourning of orphans and widows you find the encouragement to fight on; when the searing furrow of a bullet breaks the black mirror of silence; when a bloodied carnation blooms on the breast of your comrade, and you raise a prayer to the Lord without rancor, complaint or lamentation; when you fire your gun, may it be without hate, but may it reach its target; when you accepted death, alone on the street, against the backdrop of the stars, and you aspire to line up on parade with the others, standing on guard with the horses. When you are impartial with yourself, without believing that you are the sole master of the truth, when you can repress your own impulses, setting aside selfishness, envy and vanity, and you reflect, without false pretences, that manliness with which you are born; when you are penetrating to the full your wonderful mission on this earth; when honour does not spoil you, or power go to your head, or money bring you to your knees or set a price on your decency; when you can achieve that with your efforts, only then will the day have arrived in which you can shout to the universe, “By the grace of God, I am a Policeman”.

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