Study English in EEUU

Study English in EEUU

Have you ever taken a vacation while you are
studying English?

Because an Institute or University is not enough to learn a language, Tennessee, in the United States, offers you a great chance to learn and live such an unbelievable experience, learning something about its culture, history, costumes and social environment.  Between Nashville and Cookeville, it is located The Tennessee Tech University (TTU), one the best public universities, were is the FSL International, where you can enjoy and learn English at the same time, not only studying English, but also taking advantage of the city and the university campus.

It’s easy to learn English as a Second Language (ESL) with FLS International intensive English courses. The ESL schools of FLS International use a modern curriculum that exemplifies how to learn English language skills most effectively—by combining English speaking, listening and reading in a supportive learning environment.  Besides its up-to-date facilities and easy access to local cultural and sightseeing attractions.




FLS International offers core programs that put learning the English language within the reach of all students. They cover nine levels of English, from English for beginners to an advanced English course that prepares students for entrance into American colleges and universities. All students who study English at FLS participate in the core program and can take additional elective classes that target specific areas for improvement. In addition, all FLS students benefit from such specialized learning aids as English Everywhere and Language Extension Days.

On weekends, you can get away to the beautiful countryside with trips to Great Smokey Mountains National Park, America’s most popular national park, to see majestic peaks and the iconic black bears, and numerous local scenic areas such as Burgess Falls State Park, where you can do your favorite activity such as: fishing, swimming, walking, camping or just take a breath and get contact with the nature and their wonderful landscapes.

Study English in EEUU


Moreover, you can enjoy the city entertainment, visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame for an interactive trip into the history of American music and exhibits on such figures as Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash, experiencing the excitement of professional football as the Tennessee Titans take on their NFL rivals at LP Field on the banks of the Cumberland River, strolling along Nashville’s Lower Broadway and check out the current sounds of American rock and country at the many live entertainment venues, having a fun day at Dollywood amusement park, with its unique combination of thrill rides, concerts, arts & crafts shops, and historic attractions and enjoying a traditional night at the Grand Ole Opry, one of the world’s most famous stages, and see a range of performers from country legends to rising stars.

Why don’t you try it?


Study English in EEUU



*Some information was taken by the official website of the TTU and FSL International.

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  1. excelente… buen destino, mas económico, se puede viajar con la familia y los niños estudian gratis, hay todo un pais por visitar y aprender, el aula mas grande del mundo, hasta en la calle se aprende algo.

  2. Lo mejor de lo mejor

  3. Quiero aprender Ingles!

  4. Excelente elección para cumplir los objetivos.

  5. Angela Gutierrez

    Ha sido posible gracias a Sitio de Contacto/Educación Internacional quienes en alianza con el Centro de Idiomas de la Policia Nacional durante más de 4 años han enviado los grupos de Policías a Capacitarse en diferentes destinos entre otros Estados Unidos, Canadá, Australia e Inglaterra.

  6. De verdad quiero aprender ingles, pero me es difícil diferenciar que son los adjetivos, y todo los conectores Ej: THE remplaza en español las palabras tales como: los, la, las, el, lo, tengo problemas de retención, y por eso se me dificulta quiero aprender o encontrar un método que me pueda ayudar en este problema de aprendizaje y de saber a que palabras me remplaza en el español. gracias…
    Ej: they

  7. excelente oportunidad de manejar un segundo idioma……estoy atento en el aprendizaje del ingles, un poco dificil pero hay vamos…..

  8. HI


    Buen día, y para viajar con la familia dos hijos y la pareja cual será el tiempo de un curso, y los costos.
    Quiero aprender inglés y que mis hijos lo dominennnn. recibo comentarios gracias

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