Colombia is divided by Departments/States. “Magdalena’s Department is located in the Atlantic Coast. 34 km. from the city of Santa Marta (Capital City) we find Tayrona’s National Park, a Sanctuary of nature and archaeological remains that invites you to the encounter with ourselves. Ecosystems such as Mangroves, Corals, sea grass beds, Thorn Scrub and Magic Dry, Wet and Cloudy Forests proliferate and are home to a surprising variety of plants and animals that are living testimony”.

Jairo Carrillo, tourist guide says that the region nearby Tayrona’s National Park, you can find great and wonderful places where rural tourism supports the importance of caring for nature in the sights including Minca sector with its bird watching, and agriculture; Marinca waterfalls where you can find exotic and native flowers and also growing organic coffee; Cascades of Valencia and its inhabitants, the Arawaks and  Cowis culture (ethnic groups living in this region that are engaged in activities of the field and for the environment) as well as manufacture of jewelry; Buritaca and bird watching also where you can  observe unique species such as monkeys and toucans and a wonderful mangrove view; Taironaca and its anthropology, ecology and archeology; Palomino and snowy peaks; among others.

Jairo Carrillo also states that despite the great work being done in search of rural tourism development, the culture of some of these places are lost over time, and that the inhabitants of rural areas seeking better life opportunities, aside from activities such as agriculture, leaving the country and migrating to the city, there is more pollution and lack of commitment and sense of belonging to the community, so this is why the resources of the region are being exploited by outsiders who know how to value more natural resources that they have.

The development of rural tourism in the vicinity of Tayrona’s National Park, is a positive and proportional factor since it allows improving the quality of life of rural residents and local economic development, but can also be a negative factor or inverse if one takes into account possible consequences for the future such as the possible overcrowding, exploitation of resources and degradation of the environment. So it is a subject in which that you should be very careful and work hard, as it is the responsibility of all to care and protect the environment.


There are many factors to consider in relation to the conservation of the environment and likewise the cultural legacy and heritage of mankind, but before discussing these factors there must be present the activities and actions that have been done previously, what it is currently being done and what it has been projected into the future for short, medium and long term.

Colombian National Police through its different specialties’ permantly provides advice and support to the different native communities of this region and also to the tourists.

We invite you to visit it and get to know the wonderful of its land.

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