The Importance Of Russian Language


The Importance Of Russian Language



Everybody knows that cultural influence, prevailing in our region comes from American impact and Anglophone regions, but not for this we must put aside the enormous legacy that the great Russian nation has left to mankind, as an example we can mention the countless literary works of Tolstoy, Pushkin and Dostoyevsky, including Crime and Punishment, War and Peace, Anna Karenina among others, we can not forget that in music we also have masters like Tchaikovsky and Belyayev; through great prowess in science and technology, as well as in sports.

We can not ignore that we have a distorted view of this culture, because of what the Soviet Union was, which was presented to us through the films of the 80s, despite what is created “by the movies”. Russians do not talk loudly, do not have bears as pets, do not break the glasses when they make a toast, they do not eat like wild wolves, they do not carry AK-47 around the streets, it is not always snowing, not all Russians are two meters high or  are all blond … no, this nation has an ancient history of Asian inception, it is the heir of what the Eastern Roman Empire was (Byzantium), people with simple tastes and love for their family and homeland to which they call holy mother, and the managers of the humanity great victories from tyranny, defeating Napoleon in the nineteenth century and taking up arms against German fascism no more than eighty years ago.

Russia currently stands as one of the new emerging powers like China, India and Brazil; It should be noted that more than 80% of worldwide scientific publications are written in Russian, this nation is projected as the new energy power, so that to make contact with this nation is crucial for the growth of our country, for the broad market; due to its economic and social growth, Russia has been selected to perform the most important sporting event in the world, the FIFA World Cup soccer 2018, in which our institution will not be alien, since we are referencing in issues of security and crowd control, for that reason our men and women are prepared to be always willing to contribute to the brotherhood of peoples.


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