The National Direction of Academies

The National Direction of Academies

The National Direction of Academies is on the Threshold of Becoming a University

The DINAE consolidates its quality standards to give an important jump to transform and innovate the police education

The National Direction of Academies (DINAE) as a University Institution makes constant efforts to improve the quality of police training and increase its coverage; as a result we are making structural reforms and deep changes in the way of thinking and conceiving the police education, to respond to the new demands of the local, national and international context.

The goal is to transform the police education based on the recognition of the National Direction of Academies as a university and thus rethink its future in an environment of protracted conflict and in a possible post-conflict scenario, which requires new demands of professional training for police officers

That is, the recognition as a university is just the pretext for further processing; the Police culture of the educational institution, from line changes designed to train professionals police officers who respond to the new requirements of citizen coexistence.

To Become a University

The Law 30 of 1992 (Art 19) determines that universities are those one which are current recognized such institutions and prove the universality in the following activities: scientific or technological research, academic training or professional disciplines and the production, development, transmission knowledge and universal and national culture.


The National Direction of Academies complies with these activities, but has several challenges ahead considering that, according to the Law 30, it can be recognized as universities the university institutions or technical schools, within a process of accreditation, demonstrating experience in scientific research of high-level academic programs and programs in basic science to support it.

In addition to these conditions, they must comply requirements laid down in the Decree 1212 of 1993 which also involve challenges to our National Direction of Academies including a teachers staff with a high level of training, a publications center for the dissemination of knowledge and a faculty of basic sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics), to support some special programs (Telematics, criminal investigation, aviation, police and investigating traffic accidents), and strengthen research and providing incentives for intellectual production of the educational community.


Why It Wants To Become a University

From the legal point of view, it is feasible that the National Direction of Academies, as university institution, is recognized as a university. What would be the benefits of such recognition? Positioning of the National Police to the academic and scientific, national and international community as an institution committed to the appropriation, adaptation and production of knowledge, from police science and other related sciences.

Also, the transformation and innovation of police education, in order to qualify the formation of the Institution members and improve their performance, to contribute to the effectiveness of the police function and therefore the citizen coexistence.

Being a University then involves consolidating high-level research to generate innovation, strengthen educational quality for better prepared graduates and foster publications for the dissemination of police science and its position on universal knowledge.

These challenges must be made ​​by the National Police and especially by the educational community (administrators, teachers, administrators, graduates and students) with accountability and transparency to achieve credibility, national and international recognition for the quality of graduates and the effectiveness of the police service.

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  1. nuestra policia en busqueda de enfrentar el conflicto interno y el post-conflicto,ve que en la preparacion de sus conponentes se encuentra la solucion a los inconvenientes enfrentados externamente e internamente,y que mejor que estos hombres se preparen en una institucion propia, que puede orientar sus conocimientos y capacidades en busqueda de un mejor servico hacia la comunidad.

  2. Lucas restrepo cadavid

    Muchas gracias por dar mayores herramientas, para cada día tratar de ir aprendiendo un poco más este idioma

  3. SI Didier Antonio Palacios Correales

    The National Direction of Academies
    In constant search for excellence, and trained men prepare in a post-conflict scenario for help the community, the projected DINAE institution as a very soon become a university compliance with maximum quality standards providing training programs to new demands to end as teachers requires a very high quality and implement so knowledge areas as biology, chemistry and mathematics basic which are not only in the formation of science police also in the universal knowledge. doing well with police provide a broad knowledge development and co-existence with citizens.

  4. me siento muy contento de pertenecer a esta institucion que a diario se fortalece mas en diferntes componentes y en mas importante la educacion gracias muchas gracias por con estas herramienteas y linknes que nos envian es unas gran ayuda para personas como yo que adelantamos estudios en la lengua inglesa

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